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Divorce Mediation & Consultation By An Experienced & Caring Family Law Attorney


Alison Patton | Patton Thickstun APC

I aim for full client satisfaction. I have never had a client request a refund or fail to pay.  98% of my cases have resulted in a successful final resolution.  I routinely get feedback from my clients at the end of the process that they did not feel pushed into an agreement and were very satisfied with the results.


I am intentionally not a large firm. My paralegal and I work all the cases ourselves and are committed to professional and personal service.  We are careful and conservative in our billing and won’t do anything in your case that is unnecessary or excessive.  Our goal is to get you from A to Z with as little expense and heartache as possible. 


I will give you over the phone an overview of what my cases generally run in total fees and explain exactly what you are getting for your money, so there are no surprises and to enable you to make an informed decision about whether to proceed with my office. 


Feedback I usually get from clients at the end of their case is that their divorce ended up costing a lot less than their friends’ divorces.  I have been told that my billing was a “refreshing change” from what they’d encountered elsewhere in the legal profession. We do not nickel and dime our clients.  We have straightforward hourly rates and only a few added costs, such as the messenger fees to file your court papers, and postage costs.



Divorce is never “easy.”  Any divorce process -- even mediation/settlement -- will involve some emotional pain, negotiation and tense/tearful moments.  But you will find my office both a safe and a productive forum---where you can communicate your feelings and still be working toward a resolution.  I have a successful record of keeping couples on track during mediation and helping them transcend the emotions to find a workable settlement, even in tough cases where there is a lot of emotion due to affairs or betrayals.


I see it as an honor to be trusted with your divorce -- one of the most personal experiences of your life -- and I approach every case with respect, care, optimism and a firm belief that you and your family can make it through divorce and move on with your lives.