Other Benefits:

  • The mediation/consultation process is completely confidential and supportive. It is not an adversarial setting.

  • By getting divorced through a mediated/negotiated settlement, you never go to court nor are you required to come up with large retainers to hire two lawyers.    

  • You can choose to have a consulting lawyer, accountant or other specialist at any time during the process or to review your final agreement before signing it, but it is not required.  In certain complex cases, I may strongly recommend that you seek outside review, but again, the choice is always yours. 

  • For clients who want consulting attorneys and/or other specialists (such as a divorce financial planner or an accountant familiar with divorce tax implications), we can provide referrals to reputable specialists in the community. 

My paralegal and I will guide you through the divorce process from start to finish, including:


  • All the mediations / consultations
  • The preparation, filing and service of all court forms and required legal paperwork
  • The completion of a final comprehensive settlement agreement and final Judgment of Dissolution or Legal Separation


As a family lawyer who has handled both litigation and mediation, I will educate you about:


  • California divorce law and your legal rights
  • The legal divorce process and how it works
  • Your options for how to resolve each part of your case: property division, debt division, custody, parenting plan, child support, spousal support, etc.
  • Possible/probable outcomes if you went to court. 


You obtain the information you need to make educated decisions and reach a final legal settlement on all issues, without worrying that you are giving up key legal rights.


This is the most efficient and cost-effective way to get divorced because you are not paying two separate attorneys for every step of the process. As a neutral professional, my sole job is to educate you about the legal issues and process, and to help you reach a final resolution.  

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